Will Tom Collins suit your event? 

Here are some common questions answered to help you decide. You can also check out our FAQ page for some more frequently asked questions. We've created a bit of a checklist at the bottom of things you'll need to remember. 

What comes with Tom Collins? 
We arrive on site with Tom Collins, bar staff, ice, eskies, 2 bar stools for the back bar, glassware and all equipment needed to make and serve drinks. We decorate the bar with lights and candles in jars but feel free to put some flowers or anything else on the bar. 

How many staff does Tom Collins come with? 
It really depends how many guests we need to cater for but usually for events of 80+ we have 4 bar staff. We find that any less than this jeopardises the service your guests receive. We usually have two 2 bar staff serving drinks, one cleaning the event area and one doing dishes. If it’s a rush period (right after the ceremony or speeches), we’ll make sure the other staff are roaming with drinks to ensure everybody is served quickly!

What drinks can we serve? 
Bottled beer and cider, wine, champagne, any soft drinks and mineral waters and up to three cocktails (approved by us). Do let us know if there is something you would like to serve that is not listed here.

Does Tom Collins sell alcohol?
No, all alcohol and drinks need to be supplied by you. 

Can Tom Collins serve tap beer? 
Depending on the number of guests we can for an extra charge. We do not have tap equipment installed so the charge is based on the hire of this and an extra bar staff come along to help keep up with the extra dishes! 

What kind of coffee and tea does Tom Collins offer? 
We have a small one grip espresso machine and grinder. We serve white and black coffee and a small range of teas. 

Are Tom Collins bar staff trained? 
Yes, all of our bar are super friendly, have RSA's and extensive experience working in bars.

Throughout the evening will Tom Collins staff collect glassware? 
Yes, staff will roam around the event area and collect empty glasses. Please note there is a lost glassware charge if glassware is taken elsewhere on the property where staff cannot collect it. While we collect glassware and bottles we don't usually tidy up food related rubbish. If you are having food van's and you need a member of staff to cleanup this type of rubbish from the area please let us know. 

What happens to the rubbish? 
You will need to make sure the venue has adequate recycling and waste bins on site for bottles and other rubbish. 

Can Tom Collins do table service? 
We think that the best wedding are ones where your guests are mingling and meeting each other and having them come to get drinks from TomCollins encourages this. Also you guests will drink a bit less if they have to keep getting up which is a good thing for your budget and their hangover! In saying this, if you are having a sit down dinner and would like us there we can come to some sort of arrangement, send us an email to chat about details. 

Can Tom Collins supply glassware for the tables? 
We can supply water glasses for up to 150 and 15 water bottles for a small charge. We don’t supply other glassware for the tables but can help arrange the hiring of these. 

What kind of glassware do you have? 
Our stemware (wine glasses and champagne flutes) are crystal Stolzle Weinland. Our tumblers and talls and martini's/champagne coups are glass. Beers are served in bottles only. 

Does Tom Collins have facilities to wash glasses? 
Yes we wash our glasses throughout the night and use our own hot water to do this. We usually have a little shelf setup at the backdoor of TomCollins to do this. 

How long does Tom Collins take to setup and pack down? 
We require 1.5 hours to setup and 1 hour to pack down. 

We are having the ceremony in the same area as the reception, can you come early and will you charge for the waiting time? 
Yes we need to charge for our entire time onsite as we have to pay our bar staff whether they are working or waiting. 

Does Tom Collins require water and/or electricity? 
Tom Collins has his own generator and we bring our own water, but access to electricity is ideal as it eliminates the generator noise and access to a tap somewhere is also helpful, please do let us know if either of these is available on your event property. 

How do you keep the drinks cool? 

We use up to four eskies which we have setup at the back of Tom Collins. If you have a cool room onsite for us to use please let us know. 

How flat a ground does Tom Collins need? 
Tom Collins needs to be located on a relatively flat ground; otherwise we might roll off down the hill!

At the end of the night when Tom Collins leaves what happens to the glassware that is being used by our guests? Do you just clean up as empties come available or do you pack up and go right at the agreed time? And what happens with the left over alcohol? 
About 15-20 minutes before we are meant to close the bar we will start to serve your drinks out of plastic cups, this way we aren’t chasing your guests to finish their drinks. Your left over drinks will be packed up and left with you so the party can continue! Remember to organise some plastic cups for yourselves and bottle openers for the beers!

The driveway into position has lots of branches hanging over, can Tom Collins fit through? 
Tom is approximately 2.5m high, 2.2m wide and 3.6m (or 5.2m including the tow bar) long, please make sure there is access to the site allowing Tom Collins to fit through. Any damage to Tom Collins due to overhanging branches will be charged. 

Can Tom Collins come to public spaces like parks and reserves? 
Yes generally we can, though you are required to obtain relevant permissions and permits.  Tom leaves the parks luscious green grass virtually untouched and in pristine condition though you will need to ensure that the permit allows us to use a generator and to dispose of the rubbish. 


  • Ensure there are waste and/or recycling facilities onsite 
  • Purchase plastic cups and bottle opener (if the party will continue on after Tom Collins leaves)
  • Ensure you have bottled water for your guests if the party is going to continue on
  • Make sure there is clear access and flat surface for Tom Collins to park on
  • Let us know if there is water and power onsite (otherwise we will bring extra water and the generator)

Do let us know if you have a question which is not answered here! Email tomcollinscaravanbar@gmail.com